Financial Statements & Your Team

Financial Statements & Your Team

Your desk at work or home, your purse, in your junk drawer – we’re positive you have a promotional pen or four hiding out somewhere. It more than likely advertises a local business of some sort, a business you’ve more than likely never been to and won’t at any point in the near future. But it sure does come in handy when you need it!

While pens – and other marketing materials like magnets, can koozies and paper fans – are often a cheap and affordable way to get your business name out to the public, how truly effective is this marketing campaign? Is it driving a steady stream of new customers to your company on a regular basis?

Probably not. But there is a solution.

In general terms, 10-12% of your company’s annual revenue should be spent on marketing, but – and this is important – it must be the right type of marketing for your target consumers. Bad marketing decisions aren’t going to help you! This is why we propose getting your whole team involved in looking at your company’s financial statements. It might sound strange, but here’s why we think it’s best:

  • A fresh set of eyes can help spot marketing mistakes
  • Everyone is held accountable for decisions that affect the company as a whole
  • Your team members can provide valuable feedback on current marketing strategies

You work hard for your money, and we encourage you to involve your team in taking a look at financials to make the smartest decisions possible. And when you’re ready to step up your marketing game, submit a service request to Screaming Teapot Media and we’ll make sure you’ll be the best you can be!


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