Keeping Your Website Usernames and Passwords Protected

Keeping Your Website Usernames and Passwords Protected

As technology advances, we’re faced with an ever-growing number of usernames and passwords in our life. In fact, experts predict that by the year 2020 the average internet user could have up to 207 separate online accounts. Holy moly! From Amazon to Zulily and everything in between, keeping up with your usernames and passwords can be a definite challenge.

LastPass is a company that recognizes this growing trend and wants to help you corral all of this information into one safe spot. Their vision is simple: LastPass will provide the safety and security you need for all of your online accounts by allowing you to store all of your usernames and passwords in one location with one master password.

Simple, right? Follow these steps to get going with LastPass and never lose another password again.

  1. Go to and download their browser extension.
  2. Create a strong, memorable master password.
  3. Add sites to your secure LastPass vault of account information.

That’s it! Simply log in to the LastPass app every day with your unique password then rest easy knowing LastPass has your best interest at heart. They will never have the key to your account and use two-factor authentication, as well as local encryption technology, to ensure that no one besides you will ever have access to your information. Pretty cool!

If you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to submit a service request to Screaming Teapot Media. We’re here to help!

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