Why Less is More When Building an Exceptional Business

Why Less is More When Building an Exceptional Business

There’s nothing worse than walking into the new restaurant in town, the one whose opening has been hotly anticipated, only to find that the hype wasn’t even close to reality. The staff is underprepared, the food is mediocre, and the menu – does this restaurant really need 45 entrees for diners to choose from? That’s seems like overkill, which means this company ultimately doesn’t have the right idea in mind.

We’ve all experienced “company letdown,” and it’s not uncommon to new businesses. Instead of focusing on a few outstanding products and building from there, a lot of companies take the “more is better” approach, releasing several less-than-stellar products or services and hoping the world takes the bait. This is like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

The best way to build a superb client base is by offering superb products – simple, right? Here are some ideas to get your business going in the right direction:

  • Start small and build up – In the beginning, you won’t need more than a few key products. Perfect them, then introduce other items to your showcase.
  • Listen to your customers – Do buyers tend to have some of the same complaints or suggestions about your product? Listen to them! There is no better advice than from a user, which means you can work on improving.
  • Go with what works – Try to avoid cashing in on e-commerce trends because they make a quick buck. Stick with what you’re good at and the proof will be in the pudding every time.

You’re on the right path already, and we’re rootin’ for you here at Screaming Teapot Media! Submit a service request today and see how we can help you take your business to infinity – and beyond!

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