Love Your Website Designer

Love Your Website Designer

Purchasing an apple seems like a pretty mundane task, right? Need an apple, buy an apple, go on about your merry way and have some tasty fruit for lunch or snack. No one thinks anything about this task; it’s just something we do without thinking, assigning very little thought to the process.

But what if the only apple to be found when you want to buy it comes from a store you don’t like? Perhaps they have shady business practices, or their apples have previously been found with worms. Maybe the apple is so overpriced you decide you don’t want an apple, and your wish goes unfulfilled while your tummy rumbles. The next time you feel like buying an apple, your mind will recall the pain associated with your previous attempt at purchase and…the cycle repeats.

We might be only talking apples at the moment, but this leads to a good point – it’s important to trust the people you do business with. No one wants to deal with a rotten apple! And the same principle is true of a web designer, the person you are trusting with your vision, your future, your personal brand. Developing a trustworthy relationship with your web designer means:

  • Better communication
  • Less hassle and frustration
  • A solid business friendship
  • Confidence in a job well done
  • Saves you time and money

After all, your website is the front line for all new customers coming in the door. Greet them with style, grace and aplomb and let your company’s products or services sell themselves!

Want to get started on a smashing design? We can help! Submit a service request and Screaming Teapot Media will help  you walk the path to success.

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