Soliciting Reviews

Soliciting Reviews

It’s Monday morning, and you and your colleagues are discussing everyone’s weekend. Among the usual stories comes a bit of information that piques your interest – someone went to a trendy new winery that opened up and had excellent things to say about their products. “I’ll have to try that sometime,” you say to yourself.

Once at your desk, you search for the company online and start looking at their website to find out more. Yelp and TripAdvisor also give you reviews, which leads you to Liking the winery’s Facebook page – where you find even more reviews and other great experiences. Satisfied, you mark a day on your calendar to go check it out.

Why should you softly solicit reviews from your own customers?

  • Reviews can make or break a company’s customer base
  • Reviews can lead to more business than the company could have ever dreamed of!
  • Reviews are often borne out of a user’s own desire to say something about a company they’ve interacted with, but other times the company reaches out to ask for a review on their own.

If the customer’s aren’t happy, then no one’s going to be happy! Let Screaming Teapot Media give you some help along the way.

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