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Lars Focke specialises in capturing patterns and turning them into ethereal beauty.

  • You’ve poured your heart and soul, all of your blood, sweat and tears into creating your business and making it successful. Congratulations! Those stressful, sleepless nigh

  • Studies have shown that 70-80% of consumers will search for a company on the internet, and if your business doesn’t have a website then you’re not reaching your

  • It’s Monday morning, and you and your colleagues are discussing everyone’s weekend. Among the usual stories comes a bit of information that piques your interest ̵

  • Designing a branded website can seem overwhelming. You might be thinking: Where do I begin? Do I need more advanced computer skills? I don’t know how to build a website! Lu

  • We all know that having a website for your business is absolutely essential in today’s growing technological age. Gone are the days of picking up the phone and calling a bu

  • There’s nothing worse than walking into the new restaurant in town, the one whose opening has been hotly anticipated, only to find that the hype wasn’t even close to realit

  • Online shopping has revitalized commerce in ways we never imagined possible, connecting businesses to consumers from all around the world. This global revolution means you

  • Purchasing an apple seems like a pretty mundane task, right? Need an apple, buy an apple, go on about your merry way and have some tasty fruit for lunch or snack. No one th

  • Imagine, if you will, making a sandwich. You’ve made this sandwich so many times and a lot of people really enjoy it. After awhile, you want to share your sandwich making s