Websites and Security Risks

Websites and Security Risks

Imagine waking up from a restful night’s sleep. What are the first steps to your morning routine? As a business owner, you probably stretch and get yourself a cup of coffee then check your phone or laptop to see how your company is doing. Suddenly, the coffee cup slips from your hand and you’re doubled over as if in pain. Your website has been hacked! All of your life’s work, gone. How could this happen? You were so careful! This is a disaster!

Unfortunately, this scenario can happen to anyone at any time. While we think we might have every security measure in place to prevent hacks from happening, there might be something so simple, so small and unassuming, that opened your website to vulnerability.

  • Backups:

It’s of critical and vital importance that you have a backup of your website content for when emergencies happen. There are several ways to accomplish this, but you can always submit a service request to Screaming Teapot Media and we will be happy to help.

  • Security:

As well, your website should have security applications installed to help prevent malice, whether it be in the form of hackers or viruses.

  • Software Updates:

Lastly, high security standards can only be maintained by routinely updating the software that is in place to protect you; if the software developer finds a bug that needs to be fixed, they will release an update. That’s important for you!

We want you and your website to be well maintained and highly protected. Let us help you!

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