You Are Not Your User

You Are Not Your User

Imagine, if you will, making a sandwich. You’ve made this sandwich so many times and a lot of people really enjoy it. After awhile, you want to share your sandwich making skills with more and more of the world but you never expand your line – you still only make one sandwich. People still like it, sure, and you sell a lot of them, but not as many as before. Why is that?

Because you failed to listen  when your customers tried to give you feedback and that has kept you in a one-sandwich rut, unable to break out and move forward.

Some customers don’t like white bread, while others might like a different kind of cheese. And do you offer more than two condiments? In a lot of ways, a website is a lot like a sandwich. While you might feel you’re doing it well enough, your customers are ultimately the ones who decide whether you succeed or fail.

Collecting feedback from your customers about your website can:

  • Open up new avenues for marketing
  • Let you know what works and what doesn’t
  • Help you make your website more user friendly
  • Allow users to interact with your business on a more personal level

Don’t let your business be stuck making one sandwich the rest of your life! Let Screaming Teapot Media help you design a website that’s intuitive, user friendly, and helps spread your message with style. Click here to submit a service request and let’s get started!

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